Friday, October 30, 2009

Installing bbcut2 in OS X

I've just upgraded to OS X Snow Leopard and apart from it giving me the ability to take up serpents, drink any deadly thing and not be hurt etc, I also found myself reinstalling SuperCollider from scratch, including all the extensions, quarks and what have you that I had in my previous install.
Everything went smoothly with the exception of bbcut, which took a bit of work. I had the same problem when I installed it the first time round, but I ended up taking such as circuitous route to getting it working that I couldn't remember what I'd done by the time I'd finished. This time I took a more systematic approach and I've isolated the problem.
The latest version of the extension pack provided with the standard SC install includes some, but not all of the Ugens and classes that come with bbcut. If you follow the install instructions that come with bbcut you'll end up with conflicts and the class library won't compile.
To get it to work you'll need to leave out the three ugens in the bbcut2 ugens folder and the machinelistening classes from the bbcut2 classes folder when moving the bbcut folders to your SC directory. These seem to be the source of the conflicts and if you copy over the rest of the files as described in the bbcut2 help file it should all be okay.
If you've already copied these into your SC folder you'll need to make sure you delete the version of the files that come with bbcut and replace the them with the versions that come with the standard SC download, they are different and only the ones from the standard SC download will work. And that's jazz.

I've no idea how this goes on other platforms but I imagine there might be similar problems.

à bientôt.


  1. Thanks for that posting; had a nearly identical experience myself, got bbcut working one time, somehow, then couldn't figure it out how I did it, then had to reinstall SC, 'cept I got stuck there ... now I can go and try and get it going again.

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  3. Awesome, thanks, just got this up and running smoothly thanks to you.

  4. After all these years, BBCut is now available as a quark. Just run Quarks.install("BBCut")