Monday, June 8, 2009

2 channel bitcrusher

A small update to my bitcrusher plugin, duplicating the bitchrushed output for 'stereo'. The old version had only 1 channel output, which was to be expected as the input was only 1 channel, but this meant that in Garageband at least the signal was just one channel of a 2 channel track. In effect that the signal was panned all the way to the left with no way of centering it, duplicating the output works round this.

( var name, func, specs, componentType, componentSubtype, builder;

name = "Decimator"; // name of your plugin
func = {
| sampleRate, bitRate|

var decOut, in;

in =[1]); //Input from AU host

decOut =, sampleRate , bitRate).dup;[0,1], decOut);//Output to AU host

specs = #[
[0, 20000 , \Linear, 10000,\Hertz ] ,
[0, 16 , \Linear, 8,\Indexed ]

componentType = \aufx;

componentSubtype = \DECI;

builder =, componentSubtype,func, specs, componentType);



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