Thursday, February 26, 2009

Auto Gui

Hidden away in the GUI Overview help file this little gem,

Automatic GUI

You can get a quick simple automatic interface for a Synth with SynthDesc : makeWindow.

SynthDef("test", { arg out, freq=330, amp=0.6;,,0,amp))

An auto GUI creator.
I haven't really read around it much yet, but it seems to work pretty well.

I decided to mate it with the wonderful Atari2600 Ugen from Fredrik Olofsson.

SynthDef(\atari2600, {|out= 0, gate= 1, tone0= 5, tone1= 8, freq0= 10, freq1= 20, rate= 1, amp= 1, pan= 0|
var e, z;
e=, amp, 0.05), gate, doneAction:2);
z=, tone1, freq0, freq1, 15, 15, rate);,*e, pan));

And I got a handy widget for exploring a new Ugen.

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